RevyLAN BBQ Bash 2016
May 9, 2016

RCU300rayslogoOn the first weekend of May 2016, we held a LAN party / BBQ at the Revelstoke Credit Union. Due to the size of the space we were limited to 20 seats,¬†which sold out within 48 hours of opening registration. We were billed to play Hero’s of The Storm and Unreal Tournament 4 tournaments, however that was all put on hold when Blizzard put its new game Overwatch into free to play public beta for the weekend. Two Overwatch Tournaments (mixed teams) and a few HoTS scrims later, and suddenly it was 15 hours later and 1 AM.


We would like to extend a massive thank you to the Revelstoke Credit Union for donating the space, comfy chairs and 100 mbps connection for this event, as well as Ray’s Butcher Shop for getting us the hook up on some awesome low latency, 60FPS Nerdburger. You guys are awesome!